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Adventures in Simi Valley [entries|friends|calendar]
simi adventures

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do it [21 Feb 2005|12:42pm]

vote for alex (i like your shoes)
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[11 Oct 2004|10:03pm]

too show off your photoshop skills and more join this community
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[21 Jul 2004|01:57am]

thank god, a community about simi valley

this isn't really an adventure but if you go up tapo at night there are all these empty lots and streets of the new housing development which makes for something sort of fun to drive through at night.

but the real adventure is the glory of Denny's. the cinderella menu specially. free movie posters and 'pretty pink' food coloring in the ranch and drinks. all for a delicious $5. It doesn't get any better. if it does i don't want to know about it.

and we all know where the good denny's in simi is right? good.

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So [13 Jul 2004|04:16pm]

Ummm....Anyone going to summer school?
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Hello? [09 Jul 2004|10:24pm]

Is Anybody Alive Out There? Or is this a dead community? Just wondering...
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[27 Jun 2004|09:46pm]

wow does anyone write on this thing wtf well xrfiddy riding is the shiz i need some people to ride with soo comment if u ride 50's
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[17 Jun 2004|07:41pm]

a great place to hang is My frigging house 512 talbert ave come if u dare :-p
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Tomorrow night's show [04 Mar 2004|03:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I promised you more information and here it is:</p>

Waking Ashland will be playing this Friday night, March 5th, at Harmony Sweet in Simi. Doors open at 7 o'clock in the p.m. and there's a $9 entrence fee. Also playing are fellow bands Sounds of Silence, 48 Mananas, Pale New Dawn, and inmemory! If you're planning on going please take a second to drop a comment so we can get an idea of the numbers to expect. So please, come, enjoy the music ('cause that's what its all about, right?) and support your local bands!

Harmony Sweet
5710 E. LA Ave.
(Cross-street: Yosemite; same shopping center as Carl's Jr.)

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I Am For You [03 Mar 2004|11:09pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

For those of you who didn't go to Waking Ashland's show tonight at the Whiskey A Go Go (and that's quite a few of you), you missed something great... on a scale from 1 to "awesome", it was "super great"!! My friends Jonathan and Ryan were amazing on vocals while they pounded the keyboard and strummed the guitar, respectively. Robbert on bass and Thomas on Drums were also really good... LOL, I'm running out of adjectives to use: something great, awesome, super great, really good, etc. But they are! You can visit their site at WakingAshland.com which is a way rad site. On it is also a link to PureVolume.com/WakingAshland which has samples of their music. Once they get their street team going I hope to be a member of it so at that time you will also be able to get their latest EP from me, "I Am For You" (2004). </p>

Off the stage they are uber swank and way cool. On their site are email addresses where you can reach any of them. Feel free to comment here or email them if you're interested. I will also be posting info on up coming shows here for all of your enjoyment. In fact, specifically for your enjoyment, Waking Ashland is coming to Simi Valley this Friday evening. More information on that to come. For all of you who go to Santa Su, it'll be either a great ending to a day off or a great way to de-stress after having Senior Projects. I know I'll be there!!

This has been a public sevice anouncement.

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Cannon Testing Complete [03 Nov 2003|12:03am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

operation platypus took one step forward in the destruction of simi
which was the first prototype of the platypi potato cannons had reached its life span end, when earlier today around 4 we took it out for more test rounds at little vietnam. we worked tirelessly to make a nice remote detonator but to our avail we went back to the first prototype design with barbecue ignitors and standard Aussie brand hairspray which we tested with 4 other chemicals to find the least flammable but most combustible.
we proceded into lil V. to our astonishment the fire had ravaged the landscape leaving it looking like something out of WWII see below

we went as far in as the first battle ground with the lawnmower were we procedded to use tinfoil balls "all compressed of course" as ammunition and then we started with Paintball buckshot while viewing flaws and problems that might occur with the new upgrades.. which we will base the next production model after. all the test rounds and blank rounds were quite succesful with little problem or error if any it was structure error of the designer "me" which i am using to construct my next prototype ABSBL135 which i will work with a breach loading system for better and more accurate fire with a rifled barrel.
after little more than an hour treking...

and testing the unit we were quite busy making more buckshot when sid and i noticed the 2 sqaud cars that had pulled foolishly into the sand... we dismantled all the incurring parts and ditched the prototype. we ran about 3 minutes from our original position where we ditched arson angels quite illegal knife and we thought about just turning ourselves in for the Albatross was just parked on the side of the road were the pigs would just wait with coffee and donuts... we were talking and conversing about the options and actions we should proceed with.. "while i went jungle stlye and began to sink into the foiliage" the sherrif soon caught arsons then geckos then finally my attention rather quickly with his colt carbine fully auto with laser sight and tech sling... which i observed the safty to be quite off... my pathetic heart soon came to give out mostly because of my heart problems and the memories or weapons pointed at me collectivly made my heart hurt like a motherfucker... he soon proceeded to call us out and our hands met our heads and we came out of the brush for frisking were the porks younger comrade with a benelli hunting house protector standard issue shotgun with hunting shell sling watched us.... the fear was mostly mutual during the frisking because of geckos machete and his wide collection of lighters... which the pig rearranged in his pockets afterwards... had our descriptions taken and our IDs recorded... they then made us march in a stupid fashion through tons of pungee sticks and soot to the location of ABS135 were they went on telling us that its private property and we were trespassing... the mobile home village called the police on a "shots fired" disturbance which meant the pigs were scared enough of us to take out the heavy artillery and trek almost a mile from their car locations to find us. they told us that we should not be doing such things and asked of what ammo we were using and we told them paintballs which is probably why we got let off the hook.... the older and more experianced pig then made the choice to have us destroy the weapon or be arrested....
we sacrificed ABS135 in order to save our asses and end its inevitable death... after we did so they let us go... and keep ABS's remains....
we will miss ABS135... i will edit this entry with updated pictures ASAP.
we then went and celebrated our data increase and our freedom granted by the moorpark police officer and the ventura county sherrif.

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the quarry [15 Oct 2003|08:40pm]

I don't know if you guys know about it, but there is an awesome quarry in simi. A friend and I went up there a month or so ago, we went to see the scary abandoned barn and kept going into this scary ass quarry. go up tapo toward the police station keep going all the way back into tapo canyon, left on bennet and follow that all the way down. You can't miss it.
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[29 Sep 2003|09:44pm]
Here i have an adventure for you all which occured last week
me and a few friends were real bored sitting on the curve thinking of things to go and tape later that night for the operation platypus video and this little rice burner honda kept going up and down the street... which shouldnt have bothered us for we had slurpee's and nothing can phase you when your have a cold one in your hand on a hot day. but the nerve of this guy he kept going up and down an almost deserted street in simi and the idea came to me why not make our own rice rocket???
problem 1. no money for real parts and 2. my friend would never let me do anything permanent to his car.... answer?
we made a shitty body kit out of cardboard which we spray painted back as a good contrast to the silver of adolfos hyundai we also made the biggest wing we could and painted that yellow because no real racer has all the parts the same color, followed by a fake cardboard intake, rims, and to top it off we cut a hole in a folgers coffee can and stuck it to the muffler tip.
no that we had a good enough race car we immediatly got into a race with the punk in the little red honda who had quite well worn out his welcome on the street.
the wing fell off on the way down from the top of the street which is a major cross street of santa su.
as soon as night hit we hit regal with our new import super rad rice rocker blasting nothing else but some aquabats "which was great to see the look of all the hardcore racers listening to rap when we drowned them out" only after the 30 something pass that friday night a police officer pulls us over.
moral of story....
pigs cant tell the difference between a rice burner and the cardboard mobile.
$175 ticket for having unsafe modifications on the car.
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[06 Sep 2003|10:30pm]

this is totally an adventure i had in simi. on fort worth street, me and 3 other dudes were prowling around and being spys at midnight, and then we were like hiding in bushes when cars drove by. so this lady was coming up the street so we hide in some bushes. and the bush i hide in is in the front yard of the house she pulls into. so then i run, and she drives by a bunch of times and calls the cops, thinking i'm a burglar. so then i hid under a car sleeping until they left like an hour later. that concludes my simi adventure of like a week ago. by the way the reason she assumed i was a burglar was the ski mask i was donning and the large police sized mag lite i was holding. it was screwed up but quite an adventure. the police in simi have excellent response time but failed to locate me even when i was a mere hundred feet away. the lesson is that you shouldn't feel safe if the simi police are called to protect you. i so could have gone back and like murdered her if i wanted, but i felt really bad about scaring her.
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one of many [05 Sep 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The adventure that inspired this community.

While cruising up Kuehner tonight, my friend Kosta and I decided to go visit the happy face hill. Upon arriving we realized that the road was now paved. WTF? So we decided to follow it up a bit and what do we find? A large sign with elephants, and tigers and acrobats on it saying "Cirque De Stefanie". Bigger WTF.

We travel up the road and outta no where we are in a huge horse ranch. Real richy rich stuff. And lo-and-behold, a circus tent, christmas lights, rides and all. It looked like it was gonna be open tomorrow, because there were guys working on it. We drove in and around the whole place and ended up on top of some rocks and got a great view of the valley.

Weird stuff, I suggest you visit before Stefanie packs up.

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